To better understand.

I am going to leave this here. It's long, but if you want to better understand social anxiety or see how to recognize it in kids, it's worth the watch. 
It feels dated, but the content is accurate and informative. I don't agreed with their explanation that painful shyness is synonymous with social anxiety. Growing up, and still today, I'm often called shy (and introverted), which is true, but social anxiety has and does play a bigger role in how I behave around people. I think people misinterpret my social anxieties as shyness or attribute it to introversion.
“conditioned response to fear”
Conditioned fear: “tendency to overreact to anything that’s new, novel…”
38:00 Is it desperate or courageous to seek help? Shifting from negative thinking to positive. Which one feels better?
54:00 frequently occurs in sensitive/caring individuals.

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