Load 'em Up.

I work at a coffee and bake shop (which makes it sound fancier than it is). Really, I work at a fast food joint that happens to be a cheaper/not-as-tasty version of StarBucks. It is sort of like working in a mad house. Every morning, from 6-10 it's this crazed rush of pushing cars through the drive-thru, loading everyone up with their fix for the day. It is the same thing everyday, this same addicted rush of people loading themselves up on caffeine before the big rat race starts all over for another day.

Now, with school having just started up again, I'm feeling again the pinching of pennies. All my money that I have saved over the summer (or the little that I have managed not to spend) goes toward tuition and art supplies. I'm feeling the pinch. And when this feeling arises, one begins to look at expenses that can be cut. Well, sadly, the first thing I thought of was canceling my World Vision sponsorship with the easy excuse that I'm a student and I just can't afford it right now. Thankfully, the next thought that crossed my mind was that I just re-signed up for unlimited texting, which is in the same ballpark as the cost of a monthly sponsorship. Quite a reality check, eh? Priorities.

Then I got to thinking...A lot of people that I serve at work are willing to buy their friend a coffee or buy the car behind them a coffee for letting them in line. Would they be willing to buy a second friend a coffee on a regular basis? Yeah? Would they be willing to buy a stranger a coffee on a regular basis? Every day? Over a month, this becomes similar to the cost of supporting a kid through World Vision. Next, I considered the anxious, fast-paced, early in the morning zoo-fest that I experienced every weekday this summer and the impact that these people could have if they were to "buy an extra coffee" each day on their way to work.


Look Back: Part 3

The rest of the summer consisted mostly of work.  When I had a couple days off here and there, they were filled with beach days, Grandma and Grandpa's 50th Wedding Anniversary, a trip to the dog park, movie nights, and a camping trip to Candle Lake.

The photo booth background that I made for a fun photo booth at the anniversary

House-boating on La Ronge lake

Northern trees and rock and lakes--so beautiful.
Hail storm #1 of the summer. (There were two, the second put dints in the car roof.)

Camping at Candle Lake. You can't camp without getting ice cream, right?

the beach at Candle Lake


That's my fur nephew in the river at the dog park. What a brave little guy!


Look Back: Part 2 (image heavy)

My sister and I went to Paris for a couple of days before coming back to Canada. So much art to see! So much walking! Such beautiful architecture! I dragged my sister to 4 museums, went to Notre Dame Cathedral twice (climbed the towers once), saw St. Chapelle, the Eiffel Tower, the Triumphal Arch, and ate a lot of Pains au Chocolat (YUM!).

Notre Dame, Paris
Notre Dame nave
The back of Notre Dame Cathedral
Mona Lisa's crowded room in the Louvre Museum
Self-explanatory? Is it horrible that we didn't think the Eiffel Tower was that impressive or beautiful? Oops.
A neat building covered in greenery--vertical garden. Happened to walk by it on our way to find a metro.
On our way to Musée de l'Orangerie to see some Monet paintings
Lower level of Musée de l'Orangerie, the Monet paintings were upstairs in a couple
oval rooms, wall to wall paintings.
Triumphal Arch. It's impossible to sightsee without climbing a bunch of stairs. We climbed the Notre Dame Cathedral towers and this in the same day, plus a bunch of walking.
From the top of the Triumphal Arch, where 7 (possibly 8) streets radiate outward.
Hôtel de Ville. We walked by this on our way to Pompidou Museum
Just me in front of a Kandinsky painting. No big deal. Pompidou Museum, Paris
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