I woke up.

I woke up sad today.
But not for me,
for friends,
who want to disappear
who are trapped in a darkness
or so they think.
Who hurt,
and don't feel you anymore.

For friends,
whose dads have lost their will
to fight
to heal
to lead the way.

For the stranger who sits beside me
far from home
where war threatens those she loves.

For the brother of a friend
who can no longer hold out
for the sun to shine again.
A knife, a strap, anything will do.

For a bright, beautiful blonde
who stands at three feet tall
who says "I can't,
I'm not very good at it."
even though we all know she can.

My heart breaks
for the friend of a friend
who eases the pain with white powder
for the child that does not know they are loved
every second of every day
for the girl whose body is not her own
for the man who thinks it's his.

I woke up sad today,
the burden of pain upon my shoulders.
It's raining,
has been for days...

A taste
of what it is to live in darkness
to forget the heat of sun
to forget the rain brings growth,
makes buds flourish.
But Father, would you let your light shine?
take this yoke upon you
share this burden.
Take this.
It is not mine to hold:
You are their Saviour,
their light
their only hope.
Not I, but I AM.

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