1. Hello! I just saw your comment on the Sometimes Sweet blog. First of all, your cat is sooo cute! Second of all, Damien Rice is incredible. Third of all- get a tattoo :-) Haha, just dooo it! And when you find an artist you trust, then allow them to go for it with their ideas! They totally know best imo.

    And nice to "meet" you. Haha.

  2. 9 is my favourite Damien Rice album! Definitely. Love every song on it, but would most recomment 9 Crimes and Coconut Skins.

    As for tattoo artist- I have one tattoo at the moment, a big one on my thigh. I chose my artist because he did an amazing job on my old boss's tattoo. He's gone back to the UK, and I've chosen a new artist for my next one- he's drawing a design up at present so shouldn't be too far away :-) In my city, there's only about three tattoo parlours, so that makes it easier...! I just went into a couple and asked to see their portfolios. I think checking their work, looking for any mistakes etc. puts your mind at rest. And then talk to the artist. See if they're nice, and understanding about what you want- even if you have to make an appointment to talk to one, there's no harm in that! You're not committed until the tattoo's begun imo. Make sure you're comfortable around them too, especially if your tattoo will take a while. Personally wouldn't like to be sitting/lying somewhere where I felt creeped out/intimidated for a couple of hours!

    Woah, long comment :-) Haha I only have one, so no tattoo expert here, but I had a great experience so I want to reassure people- I was terrified, and it's just not as bad as you think!


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